New route for safety on Everest

An aerial view of Mount Everest mountain range

Responding to the tragic events of last year, when the new climbing season opens on Mt Everest next month climbers will follow a new route from base camp. Last year 16 Sherpa guides died in an avalanche which triggered a boycott by Sherpa guides worried about safety and low wages. The boycott closed the climbing season early. As a result the Nepalese Government are seeking to improve safety this season. Click on the link to find out more :


Only the best for RSA!

A busy summer's day on Woolacombe beach, Devon.

I know it doesn’t quite look like this when we visit but it has been voted the best beach in the UK. It’s Woolacombe of course, voted the UK’s top beach by Tripadvisor reviewers. Year 12s and 11s will understand why it is the best and year 10s look out for news in the next few weeks about Woolacombe 2015. What beaches did Woolacombe beat? Find out by clicking on the link :