Cuba – USA relations thaw : impact on the Caribbean tourist?

What a day for tourism news! US President Obama has reached historic agreement with near neighbour, but until today, bitter foe Cuba. As a consequence travel restrictions for US citizens have been relaxed allowing US tourists to now visit the Caribbean island. What effect will this have on tourism in the region? Will it change the special appeal of Cuba itself? How will affect the tourism industry on other Caribbean islands? Click on the link to see what The Independent’s travel expert Simon Calder thinks :


To Russia with love ……..

The current crisis in the Russian economy will be welcome news to the savvy tourists. Air fares to Russia are at an all time low price,  hotels are empty keen for bookings. There are bargains to be had. What are the most popular destinations? what deals are available? Sixth form L and T students have been looking at how unforeseen factors affect the industry, here is a very topical example to read about. Click on the link to find out more :

No go for snow

AreThis a photo of Courchevel in the French Alps today! and this is a more typical view at this time of year :

Courchevel is one of France's most popular ski resorts and is usually covered in thick snow at this time of year

What impact is it having on the opening of the ski season? Are all resorts experiencing the same problems? Click on the links to find out more : and