Seeing stars in Chile

Starry night at the Pangue observatory

The clear skies and low humidity found in Chile will mean that by 2020 it will host 70% of the world’s astronomical infrastructure, according to the Chilean government. It is felt that this will trigger a growth in astrotourism, a form of special interest tourism. Find out more about the hopes of those in Chile by clicking on the link :


Best in the UK

This is a view of the third best UK destination based on reviews on Tripadvisor. It is only beaten by London at number 1 and Edinburgh at number 2. Do you recognise the view? Click on the link to find the answer and to find out which other destinations make up the top ten :

On a similar theme, the British Museum was the second most visited museum in the world in 2013.Find out what it was beaten by and which other museums made up the top ten :

Tourism boom in Myanmar, will it be good times ahead?

Photo of a young women taking a selfie and sending messages in front of the Maha Wizaya Pagoda in central Yangon.

The authorities in Myanmar have opened the nation’s borders to inbound tourists over the last few years. Tourism has been seen as an important source of foreign currency, but what effects are the soaring numbers of visitors having on the country? Is it all good news or are there some concerns? Click on the link to find out more :

‘The train is approaching Dawlish……’

Tomorrow the railway line running through Dawlish reopens after two months of repairs to the storm damage caused in early February. The opening will be good news for all south west train users plus the many leisure and tourism organisations that rely on the train line bringing visitors to Devon and Cornwall. What has been the impact of the long closure on business? Click on the link to find out more : and on this link looking particularly looking at concerns in Torquay :

New ports of call for Thomson Cruises

More exotic cruise itineraries for Thomson Cruises

Thomson are offering an increase in their exotic cruise destinations in the Caribbean and central America for the 2014-2015 season. Where are they sailing to? Why do you think they are making this move? Click on the link to find out more :

Thomson are also expanding their European destinations. Find out more :