Easyjet plans expansion at London Luton

EasyJet and Luton agree deal to double capacity

Easyjet has announced that it will create 2,500 jobs and double its capacity at London Luton airport over the next decade if expansion plans are approved by the Government. It hopes to increase it’s passenger numbers to 9 million a year from the present 4 million. Will this be done by increasing flights to current destinations or flying to new destinations? Find out more by clicking on the link : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-26809459


The Great Plane mystery

Inmarsat technology

The mystery of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may have moved a step closer to be being solved today as the Malaysian Prime Minister announced that the plane had crashed in the south Indian Ocean. There are still many unanswered questions but to find out the latest and how technology has been used in the search so far, click on the link : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-26716572

Beating the queues on Everest

Climbers on summit of Mount Everest. Long, angry queues can form at peak season with two hour waits

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about managing litter on the slopes of Mt Everest. The Nepalese authorities are now introducing plans to reduce queuing on the slopes too. It’s hard to believe but in the height of the climbing season mountaineers have to queue to ascend and descend the peak which increases the risks of accidents, overcrowding and potential death. Click on the link to see what the Nepalese plan to do to keep queuing to a minimum : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/24/nepal-officials-mount-everest-base-camp-control-crowds-tourists

The impact of the budget on long haul travel

George Osbourne has announced, in today’s budget, that Air Passenger Duty will be reformed. From April 2015 APD will be simplified meaning that rates will be reduced to and from many long haul destinations. It is hoped that these reductions will boost travel and tourism between the UK and many of these destinations such as the Caribbean and South East Asia. Click on the link to find out more : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/budget/10708286/Budget-2014-air-tax-reform-provides-boost-for-holidaymakers.html

The world’s most expensive holiday?

A collage of the Pyramids of Eygpt, Stone Henge, Machu Picchu and the stone Moai of Easter Island

If you had a spare $1.5 million would you spend it on the latest luxury holiday being offered by Hurlingham Travel and Firsttogo.com? Click on the links to find out about the two year adventure visiting 962 UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites before you make up your mind :

http://hurlinghamtravel.co.uk/ allows to watch a short video about the trip and http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/travel/802/the-worlds-most-expensive-holiday.html. Maybe I should start playing The National Lottery!