The best year ever…….!

Bearing in mind my last post, these figures make for interesting reading. Figures just released show that 2013 was the a record breaking year for inbound visitor numbers and tourist spend. Find out the detail behind the headline announcement by clicking on the link :


Sounds of Great Britain

Visit Britain has spent over ¬£2 million creating a new TV and interactive online advert to promote Great Britain as a tourist destination. It has been launched in key markets in Europe, North and South America and Asia. What do you think are the sights and sounds of Great Britain? Click on the link to watch the advert, you can watch it in it’s variations for each key market, see what Visit Britain thinks will attract inbound visitors :

Egypt’s tourist areas are ghost towns


The ongoing political unrest has had a devastating effect on tourism in Egypt. Hotel occupancy in some resorts has dropped to 1%! What impact is this having on the Egyptian people and can the authorities do anything to attract foreign travellers back? Are there lessons to be learnt from elsewhere? Year 12 are investigating factors that affect where travellers will visit, this is an interesting example of how political instability has had an effect on visitor choices. Click on the link to find out more :

Responding to bad weather


We are all familiar with the impact that the stormy weather has had on transport links between the south west of England and the rest of the UK. The disruption to the rail service is going to take weeks if not months to repair. Budget airline Flybe has stepped in to increase flights between Newquay and Gatwick, reconnecting Cornwall with the capital. An example of the dynamic nature of the tourism industry. Click on the link to find out more :

Virgin will no longer go Down Under


Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will no longer offer flights to Australia from May 5th. Amongst the reasons being given for this decision is the weakening of the Australian Dollar. Year 12 students will find this a useful case study to look at as they study the impact of changing exchange rates on leisure and tourism organisations. What will happen to future passengers who already have tickets to fly to Australia with Virgin after May 5th? What other reasons have caused this decision to be made? Find out more by clicking on the link :

What would entice you to go cruising?


With six more cruise ships being launched in 2014, cruise companies are trying to find new products to encourage more of us to go a cruise. Would you be tempted by bumper cards on board? Or maybe a climbing wall? Or possibly a tour of the kitchens? Click on the link to see some of the newest products available :