The growth of Chinese outbound tourism

Research shows that Chinese tourists now spend more than tourists from all other countries. What effect will this have on the tourism industry? How will organisations attempt to cash in on the Chinese tourist? Find out more by clicking on the link :


Jurassic park plans for the Jurassic coast

A plan to showcase the pre history of the Jurassic coast has been backed by David Attenborough, amongst others. Plans have been unveiled to redevelop a limestone quarry on the Isle of Portland into a dinosaur theme park. Click on the link to see what is being proposed :

Pantomine has a future … oh yes it does !

Kenneth Alan Taylor as the dame in the Nottingham Playhouse's production of Jack and the Beanstalk

As Christmas approaches with all its traditions, one continues to survive – the Christmas panto. In many respects it seems surprising that the slapstick humour coupled with men dressing as women and women as men still draws in the crowds. Yet the Christmas panto is vital for the success of many theatres across the country. Find out more by clicking on the link :

One of the unsavoury impacts of tourism : fears of a growing sex trade in Brazil

All leisure and tourism students have been studying the impacts of tourism on destinations. They are well aware that tourism brings many benefits but there are some costs, one of which is very unpleasant, the growth of the sex trade including child sex. Already there are fears that next summer’s World Cup in Brazil is having an impact in Brazil. Click on the link to read more about this unpleasant cost :