The impact of tourism on the Masai Mara, Kenya

Tourism in the Masai Mara generates £13 million for the Kenyan economy but at what price? Is tourism in danger of creating an environmental disaster? Can anything be done to manage the inevitable conflicts between man and environment more successfully before it is too late? Click on the link to find out more :

By clicking on this link you can listen to an audio slideshow highlighting some of the concerns :


Attracting thrill seekers to the Italian slopes

The European ski industry has suffered in recent years as a consequence of the economic recession. In response the Alpine resorts are trying to attract skiers back to the slopes by offering more extreme skiing experiences. All leisure and tourism students have to understand and give examples of the dynamic nature of the tourism industry and this is a good example. Find out more by clicking on the link :

Size matters ?

This is an image of Anthem of the Seas which, when completed in 2015, will be the largest cruise ship to be based at Southampton. It will carry 4000 Royal Caribbean passengers. The target market for cruises is changing, no longer are they the preserve of the elderly. Find out who Royal Caribbean see as the target market for this ship, and what will be on offer for cruises in 2015 by clicking on the link  and watching the short video :

Find out about the P and O competition, Britannia, which will also arrive in 2015 :